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Welcome to our world of food...

We are about fresh, additive free food, with clean flavours and exquisite aroma....

We are a bunch of fun loving spice freaks and passionate about food and drink. This reflects in our quality and the flavours we are able to emulate from our refreshing spices. We do not use any additives or artificial flavouring agents  and take ultimate pride in what we put on the plate. Come & join us! Be a part of this special journey and make it extra special.

We are open now...

With full social distancing measures in place. Call us now to book a table.

Did you know we also offer, bespoke cookery sessions? Get in touch...

Our new menu reflects in our food values.

Dine-in Menu

We are capable of serving your guests at your chosen venue between 5 to 1800 guests.

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We have a bespoke vegan menu, to ensure you have a memorable dine-in experience whilst being empowered to choose.... after all it's all about YOU.Remember we also deliver and you are always welcome to collect.

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Welcome to Gaspard, an online haven for true coffee lovers.

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